Pitching Training

Quantify Your Training & Reach Your Pitching Potential


Command & Pitch Design

Approach & In-Game Decisions


One of the biggest contributors to success is how hard you throw. Giving hitters less time to react, having more movement with more velo, and being able to light up a radar gun all are key factors in what you are able to accomplish on the mound.

Command & Pitch Design

Taking High Speed video, and tracking our pitches (balls, strikes, Intended Zone, and actual zone) we then are able to come up with a plan that will build in the feel to get you the best movement, and increase that command.

Approach & In-Game Decisons

Does this play in games, or has it just worked in bullpens. What pitch will get a ground ball, what location will elicit a strike out against this hitter? These are questions most rely on someone else to answer, but you know your stuff better than anyone else. Build your own approach to pitching.

Training Options

In-Person Assessment & Training


or $50/1-Hour Lesson

In-Person training comes with a full assessment including (Movement screening, Mechanical Breakdown, Tech Analysis of your mechanics, and slo-mo video. All of these tools are used to provide a snapshot of exactly where you are at, and what your training needs to be. This is what most people consider "Weekly Lessons"

Remote Assessment & Remote Training


Remote training comes with a variety of assessments and tests that all work to provide you a one of a kind training experience. Using Movement screening, video breakdowns, and a systematic approach to your mechanics we find a way to make sure your training fits your needs. Daily communication with your trainer, and weekly check-ins of your mechanics this plan works around your schedule, and finds a way to help you reach your potential.

1-Time Remote Assessment


1-Time assessments are a great way to find your skill level and have a training program built around your mechanics. This program is great for the ones who just "Need a plan" of attack. This plan is a one time assessment that comes with 4 weeks of training. The plan does not include trainer communication past the initial meeting and explanation of the program.