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Offensive, Defensive, and Strategy oriented slideshows with built in quizzes to add to your baseball curriculum. All made with Google to easily share in your program's Google Classroom.

Baseball IQ


On-Field Results

Baseball IQ

With built in google classroom quizzes, and the ability to manipulate based on your program needs you'll be teaching your program expectations for the entire team. Every player will have the opportunity to see the entire piece of the puzzle, to help learn their role.

Cuts & Rotations (Team Defense Series)
Alignment (Team Defense Series)


Looking out on the field to see everyone aligned to your program's standards without having to yell it out is one of the more fulfilling roles of a coach. Build your program, without having to spend hours on the field teaching, and instead spend more time preparing to hit your opponent who's throwing 90.

On Field Results

Not everyone responds to the same coaching cues the same way. It's important we build curriculum that helps athlete's find their strengths and use those. Finding ways to get your athletes more information to make informed decisions is the purpose of the curriculum. The Team Offense Series does just that.

Approach (Team Offense Series)