In-Person Hitting Training

Quantify Your Training & Reach Your Hitting Potential

In-Person training comes with a variety of services all built into one training program. These all provide a crystal clear picture of exactly where you are, and what your training needs to be. This is considered our Weekly Lessons.

Our Assessment Process

Hitting Movement Screen

The OnBaseU Movement Screen tells us exactly where you have the Range of Motion that elite Hitters have. Once we find your active range of motion paired with your mechanical breakdown we can find what flaws you have that come form your mobility, or your technique. This is extremely powerful to speeding up the process.

Video Breakdown

Using video from multiple angles we will be able to identify where your mechanics can become more efficient. Paired with the movement assessment this breakdown is extremely powerful to finding how to quickly increase your power, contact percentage, and Efficiency as a hitter.

Blast Motion Report

Using Blast Motion we can directly assess your swing using hard metrics, and not just "Looks like your swing is long". Utilizing Blast motion we can then test and re-test your swing and see exactly how much you've grown since your last tested session. Blast Motion provides 10+ Metrics that all make up your exact movements of the swing.

In-Person Hitting Assessment & In-Person Training


What's Included In Your Training

  • Weekly 1 hour lesson to work on mechanics, drill-work, & your goals

  • 4 Weeks of Individual Program (which includes Stretch, Warm-Up, Drill-Work, and Your Goals) shared through Driveline TRAQ

  • Always On Direct communication with your trainer via Google Chat

  • Always on Re-assessment every week to track your progress

Other Training Options

Remote Assessment & Remote Training


Remote training comes with a variety of assessments and tests that all work to provide you a one of a kind training experience. Using Movement screening, video breakdowns, and a systematic approach to your mechanics we find a way to make sure your training fits your needs. Daily communication with your trainer, and weekly check-ins of your mechanics this plan works around your schedule, and finds a way to help you reach your potential.

1-Time Remote Assessment


1-Time assessments are a great way to find your skill level and have a training program built around your mechanics. This program is great for the ones who just "Need a plan" of attack. This plan is a one time assessment that comes with 4 weeks of training. The plan does not include trainer communication past the initial meeting and explanation of the program.

In-Person Training only available near Mesquite, TX



Approach & In-Game Decisions