First off, thank you for visiting the site. I hope that this blog becomes a frequent stop for baseball information and develops into a learning community. I’m currently a high school baseball/football coach in Sherman Texas. (For those of you unfamiliar with coaching in Texas, if you want to get a job early in your career at the high school level, you will most likely end up coaching football). I have coached high school baseball in East Texas for the past 4 years, 2 years at ore City High School and 2 years at Henderson High School. I hope to build this site not only as a destination for baseball knowledge, but also as a place to bounce ideas off of others and continue to improve as a community. I am currently Driveline Hitting and Youth Development certified, as well as OnBaseU Level 1 Hitting and Pitching Certified and am pursuing a CSCS. 

As a player I wasn’t born with much natural talent, but I was someone who worked hard every day for the skills I did attain. I worked my way on to a high school team that competed in the playoffs every year and, after graduating, went on to play at Ranger Junior College. It was at Ranger that I learned just how results-oriented this game really is. In high school, relationships and character were keystones of the program. I was extremely lucky to participate in a program that I still feel a part of, but at Ranger, life was about as “junior college” as it gets. I learned exactly what it was like to be a number and for it to be all about what you’re capable of. Players were brought in often on recruiting visits and the development was nearly nonexistent, not conducive to building a program from scratch. They wanted players and they wanted to win while ignoring the player development in between. After my one year at Ranger, I moved on to East Texas Baptist University. The opportunity to play there, get a degree, while also competing at the collegiate level was exactly what I needed. However, during my time at ETBU, I was party to a couple of coaching changes and it made me realize how important this community of coaches was to my life. 

Coaches had such an amazing impact on my development, on and off the field, I learned to define success differently from them. The staff there all knew us on a more individual basis. They cared about more than just baseball, they kept up with our grades and attendance in classes. This to me was the true way a program should be built; around character and what we at Henderson High school would call E.A.T. Effort, Attitude, Toughness. Ultimately, learning from different head coaches how to prepare and how to get results from a team with different techniques made me extremely interested in the other side of the sport and drove me to coaching.


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