When I originally started this page I planned on primarily making baseball resources, but since Softball is so parallel with baseball I thought I should make it's own separate page for resources that just apply to softball. Over time I will be moving some of the "baseball" downloads that apply to softball to this page, and creating more resources that apply to softball only. Until then if you're looking for more downloads please feel free to check out the Baseball page for lineup cards, dugout cards, weight room charts and more!

With all of this I hope you do choose to sign up for the newsletter, and follow Barreled up Baseball on social media as well. Since softball is not something I'm actively coaching I am looking for suggestions on downloads, ideas, charts, or anything you feel every coach needs!

Softball Blast Motion

A spreadsheet that allows you to input all of your athletes blast motion data, and immediately identify positive and negative characteristics. This sheet is something I use every week with our Blast Motion sensors. If you are limited on number of sensors, number of accounts, or any reason you may have to take the data off of the sensor before using again this chart is a great way to save you time. Make sure when you are using this sheet you copy and paste "Values Only" when pasting data.