Maximizing time and efficiency of your practice can lead to thousands of more quality reps throughout the season. One of the goals we have is to provide efficient practice plans that free you up to coach, maximize time, and provide an easy template for your athletes to learn.





Offensive Practice Plans

Offensive Practice Routines.

Defensive Practice Plans

Defensive Practice Routines

Pitching Routines

Bullpen and Shortbox plans with multiple types. Including some assessment, short box, and live game pens. My goal is to create a color coded system and program variations of each one for athletes to have some autonomy that they can work on and throw after picking something they need.

Strength & Conditioning

This section is where I will share S&C workouts I have built as well as some posted results. All of these workouts are up for discussion, but please check the year in their description as I have grown in knowledge of strength and conditioning since my first program in 2019. The first one I made was similar to what I had been around in some HS Weight Rooms, and things have changed since then.

Waiver and release of liability(Read closely before performing any exercise in these plans) By reading, or using these plans, you and those whom you represent acknowledge that participation in these physical activities carries certain inherent risks that can never be fully eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injury, and that injuries of all magnitudes are possible. By continuing to read, you, on behalf of yourself, heirs and personal representatives release and forever discharge and covenant not to sue Barreled Up Baseball and Ben Beltran, their employees, consultants, sponsors and affiliates (the “released parties”) from any and all liability from all claims, actions, suits or other proceedings resulting from personal injury, including death, accident or illness you may sustain, regardless of fault, arising from or in connection with activities presented in these plans. DisclaimerDo NOT attempt any exercise in these plans before getting approval from your physician. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition or replace your healthcare professional. These training guidelines and recommendations are for educational purposes only, and are intended for healthy individuals 18 years and older. Know your limits, level of training experience and health status before attempting or practicing any exercise in this book. I am NOT a dietician, S&C Specialist, or Doctor. These exercises and/or nutritional suggestions are not meant to replace any treatment, exercise or dietary regimen prescribed to you by yourphysician or registered dietician, S&C Specialist, or Doctor. See your physician before starting any new exercise program, and make sure to stop any exercise if you experience abnormal discomfort, dizziness, nausea or shortness of breath. Do not perform any exercise unless you are under the supervision of a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning specialist.