The Program

"The Program" is something I wish I had before I started coaching. This is where I will be posting every coaching process, practice implementation, and thoughts for running an effective baseball program. This page is almost a living blog of coaching, and how we utilize different systems in our Program. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

I hope you do choose to sign up for the newsletter, and follow Barreled up Baseball on social media as well. Since this is a new segment of the Site it is still growing, and if you have any questions or would like to see something specific covered feel free to reach out!

Building A Developmental Plan

One of the best directions you can give to your coaches is to talk about your program's goals and performance indicators. These will help your coaches have a direction in their coaching, and focus on what is more important when it comes to development of your athletes.

Implementing Blast Motion

This is exactly how we utilize blast Motion in our program. It is part of our Test-Retest system, and we use it to monitor swings over the entire year. Hopefully this creates a clear picture on how you can implement Blast in your program effectively.

Implementing PitchAI

PitchAI is an extremely powerful tool to use. We have found the system that works for us, and are continuing to build out the most efficient process that gets athletes better quicker.