One of the easiest and most convenient ways to gather new information is through podcasts. Every long drive, or commute to the grocery store can be a learning experience. There are plenty of quality podcasts that get updated on a consistent basis, plus they are able to adapt to current situations going on. Most of these podcasts are published within a short time of their recording. Making them filled with new and current information and relevant to what we as coaches need. It's always a good time to learn something, and podcasts make it convenient and simple. These are a few of the ones I listen to on a regular basis.

Hosted by Eric Cressey this podcast offers a variety of insight related to all topics involving baseball. From Past players to leaders of the S&C, Recovery, and Nutrition fields, this podcast is a great listen anytime.
Mike Rathwell, Kyle Boddy and the Driveline Team are leaders of the baseball industry. Driveline has challenged many beliefs, and changed the game today. If you're looking for great info and relative information on baseball this is an easy way to get it.
Hosted by Mark Rippetoe this podcast is great for banter as well as Strength and Conditioning information. Rippetoe has books on the subject as well as years of experience training. He's very quick to the point, and blunt in this. Definitely NSFW
The National association of baseball doesn't disappoint with the information provided from some of the best coaches, teachers and players in the game they provide insight applicable to every level.
Jonathan Gelnar interviews plenty of great minds in the game along with being one himself. Including new strategies regarding player and coaching development.
Jeremy Sheetinger, the coach that brought us plenty of great ABCA podcasts has branched out into his own to create the "Dugout Chatter" podcast. Sheetinger is an awesome listen, and provides great information in every podcast.

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