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When it comes to Player Development everyone is all in, and we all believe that we can create better baseball players with our techniques, drills, and practices. This is greatly beneficial to the baseball community and it has been creating baseball players for the next level for a long time. The problem is when we feel that our techniques and drills can't be optimized for a better outcome, or a higher efficiency. When we stop developing as coaches we aren't just hurting our careers, but the athletes that we encounter as well. Coaches learning new techniques and ways to coach things shouldn't be out of the norm, and if we look back on the version of ourselves mentally 5 years ago we should think "why was I doing it that way?" If we don't have the mindset of continued growth in our field we are falling behind exponentially from the ones that are continuing to learn.

This section of the website is devoted to development of coaches. It will include cues, books, tools, online resources, as well as information for growth in the field of coaching and baseball. There's tons of quality information out there, and this is the place where I want to build a library of resources. My goal to continue to grow as a coach and individual will be documented here.

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