Remote training is for dedicated athletes who want an elite training program but can't make it to our facility. This program will use the tools you have access to and give you a training program that helps you raise your skills as a Hitter. 


As a Remote Hitting Trainee you will receive. 

-Access to TRAQ, our facilities programming software.

-Individual programming.

-OnBaseU Hitting Movement Assessment

-Weekly video analysis & breakdown of your swing.

-Hitting Drills specifically designed to your swing.

-Access to a wealth of videos, drills, and information to increase your baseball knowledge.

-Communication through Driveline TRAQ with your trainer for answers on any question regarding your program you may have. 


Remote Trainers will provide:

-48 Hour turnaround for all inquiries and video breakdowns.

-Weekly breakdown of your swing with analysis.

-Specific hitting drills tailored to your mobility assessment and swing analysis.

-Answers to any questions you may have regarding your program and specific drills.

-Access to our facilities library of drills, and video IQ series, as well as resources directly related to your assessment.


All Remote Trainers will be off on Sundays. This will not be counted toward the 48 hour turnaround for inquiries or video breakdowns. All remote Trainers will have the option of canceling a training program if the trainee does not participate, or if the trainer feels the trainee is not providing the adequate effort in the training program. As well as any disrespectful or vulgar comments regarding the trainer, facility, or training program. Remote Trainers operate as the contact point for the trainee and will handle majority of the programming for the athlete. Any extra video requests of drill work, or hitting will be up to the individual trainers discretion. This information is provided as a way for all trainees to understand what will be provided to them as a remote hitting trainee.


After purchase a trainer will be in contact with you within 48 hours to help set up your TRAQ account, and set up a time for your initial assessment. 


Any and all questions need to be directed to our facility manager.

Remote Hitting Basic


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