Launch Angle/Plane Program

Launch Angle/Plane Program

The Launch Angle program is designed to help hitters get from hitting too many ground balls, or fly balls, into hitting hard line drives. These drills are specifically chosen in order to maximize your opportunity for hitting the ball on a line, and get into an ideal launch angle for more base hits. 


This program comes with 6 weeks of drills and programming that progresses as you do. In order to get the desired result this program starts with simple drills and block programming into variations, and leading to live situations. 


Planning a hitting session can be difficult, and this system of hitting provides clear visuals of the drills, coaching cues, and short descriptions over exactly what the drill should look like. By providing video of both good and bad variations of the drill you can also see what common mistakes you want to avoid. These videos are clear and easy to understand, making them a simple way to get on a path to success. 


6 weeks of programming, a model of what an ideal assessment should look like, videos over every drill, and cues for them is the best way I've seen to deliver the message clearly. This series of formats gives what I call a DIY approach option to many players that can do drills, but lack a plan. By using this series you will have guesswork taken out of the equation, and be able to get after it in the cage, on the field, wherever, and find yourself in a position to show up and go to work.




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