Offensive Practice Plans

  • Situational Hitting

    Hitting routine for situational days on the field. Includes guide for baserunning, and how we set up those looks for the base runner. The purpose of this setup is to get situations done and then let kids get looks for in game baserunning, while working counts at the plate. Easy to manipulate, and even easier to execute with your team.

  • Lighting Hitting

    An easy to manipulate hitting routine that we use at least twice a week. This routine can be changed to whatever fits your practice, or whatever you need to get out of your team. I usually go around 8 minutes depending on the size of the group (4-6 kids). Once you get comfortable with the drill you will be able to change constraints every couple of rounds, or every couple of minutes to make the drill easier or harder.

  • DYJ Hitting

    This hitting routine is one of my favorite ways to apply pressure to team offense situations. There is a reward round on "Routine B" or if you prefer to use this as a large group preface into team offense Routine A is a fast paced way to knock out situations with an incentive. This routine can either be a quick 5 minute session, or a full BP round with as many hacks as you want. Easy to manipulate to your program, and a great way to build situational team offense into practice.

Defensive Practice Plans

  • Partner Glove Series

    The partner glove series is a perfect build into your warm up routine. This routine takes 5 minutes and since I have included both a generic and position oriented version you can be as position specific as you want. This is also a great way if you have to manage a large amount of players and still want to get glove work and Footwork done efficiently.

  • Double Plays

    The double play feeds routine gets a lot of work out of those middle infielders, and provides an easy way to get double plays practiced and turned. Adjust the time to work on each fielders double plays, and continue to manipulate off guys. Great routine for a quick and efficient defensive session.

  • Throws to First

    An easy to use defensive routine that gets a lot of reps and keeps the ones not throwing to first working a good defensive fundamental. Perfect way to get a defensive fundamental worked quickly and efficiently.

  • Flip Series

    In order to get the most out of practice when we want to limit throws I have made what I call a "flip series" defensive practice routine. It still can work double play feeds, and a high intensity of plays, but at the same time save arms, and work a good defensive practice.

  • Choas Drill

    The purpose of this drill places our pitchers, and infielders in a variety of in-game situations. Different Situations, and a high pace of practice makes this drill extremely effective. Personally my favorite defensive drill we do.

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