Newsletter 5-4-2020

Barreled Up Baseball 5-4-2020

New Additions to the site, and what to expect!

The extra time this off-season has been a great time to learn and gather more information to use and apply toward programs going forward. I hope you’ve had time to broaden your view of the game, and possibly learn new ways to apply information you learned. Having said that, if we don’t extend the learning to our team we are not doing our job educating athletes to make decisions on the field. After all, we can’t make decisions for them. They are the ones who play, it’s just our job to prepare them.

Defensive Cuts & Rotations Slideshow

This cuts and rotations slideshow was definitely the most information intensive slideshow I’ve made. This is one of those that has to be taught in order to be successful starting day 1. We spend a lot of time working cuts, but in order to optimize that time i’ve created a slideshow and quiz to help make that a more efficient practice session. . Coaches Card

A lot of coaches don’t want to walk around with a full line-up card, but this pocket sized card helps you keep information on hand during a game. (More variations coming soon) What to Expect! Upcoming over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on and adding to the site.

  • New charts for in-game charting

  • Additional Distance Learning slideshows and quizzes!

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