Newsletter 4-16-2020

Barreled Up Baseball 4-16-2020

New Additions to the site, and what to expect!

These past 2 weeks have been a great way to spend making more charts, and coming up with a few ideas on how to make post quarantine baseball even more streamlined. The Baseball Curriculum has gained a 1st and 3rd Defensive slideshow & quiz, as well as some charts for charting other teams signals, and finding new tendencies.

Defensive 1st and 3rd Charting, and Pickoff Chart

Remote Learning Baseball Curriculum

1st and 3rd Defense is definitely one of those installs that you wish you had when you didn’t have it, and don’t care about until you need it. Using a format like this will give you a step toward teaching this without spending time on the field. This cuts down on practice time, and gets your guys extremely prepared. There are 7 different options, and since it’s editable it can be used to fit your program’s needs . Signal Charting

Coaches have been known to use the same bands multiple times. Whether you’re scouting, or watching video it’s important to keep track of exactly what signs the other team used, and if they’re lazy and repeat, how you can use them to your advantage. This is huge for in-game decisions. What to Expect! Upcoming over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on and adding to the site.

  • Coaches In-Game Pocket Chart

  • Cuts and Relays to Baseball Curriculum

  • A contribution from another coach for in-game charting.

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