Newsletter 4-1-2020

Barreled Up Baseball 4-1-2020

New Additions to the site, and what to expect!

With the downtime lately I've been creating more resources to use during and after the end of this quarantine. This is one of the most frustrating times without baseball, but also has been a great time to learn from some of the more intuitive minds out there. With the new wave of free and paid resources it's been a challenge to keep up, so I decided to start a bi-monthly newsletter that organizes anything new to the site, and what to look forward to in the next couple of weeks!

Defensive Charting, and Depth Chart

Remote Learning Baseball Curriculum

This Baseball Curriculum has by far been my favorite addition. With us not being able to get on-field it is a perfect time to work on a more detailed understanding of the game. These 4 player slideshows, plus 2 more slideshows showcasing how we use Blast Motion and our Hitting Rapsodo, are great for parents, coaches, and players to all acquire a more detailed understanding of the game. Blast Motion Data Sheet

This Blast Motion Data Sheet has been extremely useful when utilizing a limited # of sensors or accounts in a team setting. I've detailed the process I use with this sheet, and this is what the results will look like after you enter information. What to Expect! Upcoming over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on and adding to the site.

  • 1st & 3rd Defensive Plays to Baseball Curriculum

  • Hitting Rapsodo Data Sheet

  • More charts for in-game use!

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