Workout Card Creator

When I approached our HS program about running the S&C for the baseball Off-Season I knew I wanted to have some organization when going about workouts. I wanted kids to have some ownership of their weights, but I also wanted to move fast and be simple. The idea to create a workout card was something I had seen at a previous school, with each kid having a workout card, and it having their weight maxes, workouts, and exactly what weight to put on the bar. This all led us to move quickly, know what weights to put, and have ownership of our own development as a program. The original idea was to charge for this workout card, but at this point I definitely prefer to try and put as much content out there for free. Please feel free to look through it, and take it and implement it into your program. The current version has 75 athletes, I will eventually upload a 100 and 200 version, along with an alternative look for those that don't prefer this one. Hopefully it makes your weight room experience that much easier. A video with the sheet being actually used and worked through will also be uploaded, as soon as I get a chance to make one.

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