Testing Result Sheet

I use this spreadsheet to track player testing information. I have made it to fill out names, dates, and testing information automatically with each sheet (as listed on the instructions). This sheet has spots for up to 75 athletes, 25 testing days, and 50 different tests. The tests are divided up by players, so each individual player will have their results listed on their page for every test. If you need more I would suggest making multiple copies and dividing by age groups, or grade level. If there is a big push for more testing I will make a new version with more testing dates. This spreadsheet should be easy to use, and on the bottom of this page I have included pictures of what the sheet should look like after a couple testing days, with names and test metrics filled out. Please provide feedback on the home page if there are any issues, and I will do my best to see that they are corrected, or explained. Video tutorial will be available soon.

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