Test Calculator

If you're in charge of the strength and conditioning of your program it's important to measure success along the way. I am a firm believer in testing and displaying results to contribute to athletes success and buy into the program. When your athletes break through a max, reach a new 60, or hit a new PR on a vertical it's a great feeling for that athlete and your program. Testing and taking measurements especially at the younger ages can greatly focus their vision for the future, and help your athletes set smart goals. The Testing cheat sheet is just an easy way to take measurements keep track of them, and not have to do any math or comb through numbers for a min or max. I made this sheet for the coach that keeps records and wants to save time post data collection. In the future I plan on integrating at least these 20 test into the Player Tracking sheet, but until then download both and start keeping meticulous records for your program.

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