Swing Profile Charts

I try to focus on certain metrics when collecting information from a swing. The three that I used in this chart are just part of the data sets that I use to create the overall picture of the swing profile. This in turn with Blast data, and video is some of the information that I feel I am able to collect effectively, and at the same time am able to utilize with every player. These measurements give me a lot of information in order to objectively evaluate players, and track progress. There are different charts depending on your program. 9 zones, which I personally prefer, 4 zones and 6 zones if you prefer inner/outer half. Feel free to use these charts, and start to build some data sets with your athletes. I try to keep the peak and averages updated in the tables or notes sections up top in order to try and promote awareness of progress. Especially on our data collection days it feels great to hear "just broke your record" for a peak EV in a certain spot.

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