Launch Angle Charts

Using these charts and the information from the article Using "Launch angle" in your program I hope you are able to build a positive launch angle for you and your players into practice. The first chart I use is the distance by launch angle and Exit velocity. After gaining the EV information you can then help your players understand what their numbers mean as far as distance.

This second chart is the one I use for hang times. By using this chart in relation with the distance one I can show athletes that even though the ball went 250 feet it may have a high probability of being an out. Kids understand numbers and information if we coach it. You'd be surprised how once kids find out the best way for them to be successful they will work extremely hard for it. It takes buy in, and to get that we have to coach these kids individually, and at a high level.

This last chart is the one I used to label the launch angle strings. The "string"I used is actually red flagging tape. It was cheap, and weather resistant. Plus it allowed me to use bright red as a high contrast for the cage. Make sure you hang the strings on the outside of the cage in order to avoid a bat knocking down your line drive lines. (trust me it happened more than once)

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