In-Game Scorebooks

Something I feel I can honestly say every baseball coach has either taken, or had someone in their dugout take. I prefer to take the book over using an app since I can see results instantly. I have written down pitches, sequences, and results and can recall player tendencies easier. As well as keep up with pitch count, and types of pitches thrown to kids in previous at bats. I've made these ones as simple as possible, and I feel I can get most of the information I want from the game on this sheet. I really wanted to make my own when it came to this sheet mainly because I didn't find any books that I actually liked using. They may have had more spots for information, but they were also absolutely huge and didn't fit into a notebook, or they were lacking the information spots that I truly cared about. Hopefully this saves you some money on buying a book, and is a lot easier to use, and maintain track of. I've added a couple of different variations to the book, find the one you like, and hopefully it'll save you some money in your program.

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