Game Day Cards

This is the Game Day Card that I use throughout the game. I post this in the dugout before the game, and fill it out as far as at-bats, and pitcher info throughout the game. This is what players go to see in order to see the lineup. Different ways to fill out this chart, it's all up to you, I have even seen people have their players fill this out as a post at bat chart that they can recollect on their at bat performance. Great for keeping the team in the know of tendencies of their hitters as well as pop times for both teams. If you place this on the home plate side of the dugout hitters can take a look at what the catchers pop time is for use with the Green Light Groups. It's completely editable, so if you do like it feel free to use it, and make it your own. With the opportunity to edit and type in the lineup ahead of time. Always looking for feedback so let me know if there's anything you'd like to see. I have attached both a Letter sized paper and a Legal sized paper version. I personally prefer the Legal Version with room for a quote or team motto.

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