• Lineup-Card

    Line up card with full customization of logo and lineup information.

  • Baseball Blast Motion Data Sheet

    Blast Motion Data Sheet for Youth, HS, & College Evaluation.

  • Free Depth Chart

    Depth Chart & Scrimmage Lineup Sheet

  • Defensive Tracking Charts

    In Game tracking chart for defensive stats and Evaluation

  • Scouting Charts

    Team & Individual Player Scouting Charts

  • Situational Offense

    Situational Offense can take a lot of time to teach on the field, using slideshows can help get a head start on that time.

  • Offensive Approach

    Having an approach at the plate can be a game-changer for some athletes. This slideshow gives your hitters something concrete they can go back and look at when they need it.

  • Defensive Cuts & Rotations

    Defensive Rotations for single, double, & triples, as well as cuts for how we need to handle those situations.

  • Defensive Alignment

    Defensive Alignment for nearly every situation that can occur for a defense.

Recording Microphone


Situational Hitting

Hitting routine for situational days on the field. Includes guide for baserunning, and how we set up those looks for the base runner. The purpose of this setup is to get situations done and then let kids get looks for in game baserunning, while working counts at the plate. Easy to manipulate, and even easier to execute with your team.

Lighting Hitting

An easy to manipulate hitting routine that we use at least twice a week. This routine can be changed to whatever fits your practice, or whatever you need to get out of your team. I usually go around 8 minutes depending on the size of the group (4-6 kids). Once you get comfortable with the drill you will be able to change constraints every couple of rounds, or every couple of minutes to make the drill easier or harder.

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