Weight room charts, practice, and in game charts for every purpose. With more on the way. 

  • Blast and Rapsodo Hitting Report

    Take your Blast Motion and Rapsodo data and add it to the sheet, to have a nice clean hitting report pop out. The charts and data is a lot easier to read and understand. Perfect to give players with digestible information. This template is supported in excel. This is not supported in Google Sheets.

  • Rapsodo Hitting Sheet

    Hitting Rapsodo Charts with comparative values, and built in analysis.

  • Misc. Weight Room Charts

    Everyday use weight room charts

  • Test Calculator

    Test Tracking with built in 1RM Calculator

  • Testing Result Sheet

    Track your athletes progressions

  • Workout Card Creator

    Workout Cards for Weight Room Use

  • Google Sheet Calendar

    Easy way to use and manipulate full month or year in google sheets

  • Attendance Tracking Sheet

    Full tracking of attendance

  • Post At-Bat Reflections

    An easy way for a player to chart "what they saw" during their at-bat

  • Swing Profile Charts

    Zone by Zone approach to charting your swing

  • Launch Angle Charts

    Hang your own launch angle strings with these charts.

  • Pickoff Tracker

    Chart pickoffs for tendencies and more effective use

  • 1st & 3rd Tracking

    1st & 3rd In Game Tracking Chart

  • In-Game Scorebooks

    5+ Variations of Scorebooks

  • Pitch Progression

    In-Game Pitch Tracking by Count

  • Velocity Equivalency

    Velocity Equivalency for practice. Use this chart to see how fast BP actually is.

  • Game Day Cards

    In Dugout Game cards for lineup, opponents lineup, and at-bat tracking

  • Coaches Card

    An In-Game Pocket sized Card

  • Sign Tracking Chart

    In game sign tracking to help make real time decisions.

  • Scouting Charts

    Team & Individual Player Scouting Charts

  • Defensive Tracking Charts

    In Game tracking chart for defensive stats and Evaluation

  • Free Depth Chart

    Depth Chart & Scrimmage Lineup Sheet

  • Baseball Blast Motion Data Sheet

    Blast Motion Data Sheet for Youth, HS, & College Evaluation.

  • Lineup-Card

    Line up card with full customization of logo and lineup information.

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