Baseball Curriculum

Offensive & Defensive Slideshows for Distance Learning

  • Situational Offense

    Situational Offense can take a lot of time to teach on the field, using slideshows can help get a head start on that time.

  • Offensive Approach

    Having an approach at the plate can be a game-changer for some athletes. This slideshow gives your hitters something concrete they can go back and look at when they need it.

  • Defensive Cuts & Rotations

    Defensive Rotations for single, double, & triples, as well as cuts for how we need to handle those situations.

  • Defensive Alignment

    Defensive Alignment for nearly every situation that can occur for a defense.

  • Blast Motion

    Onboarding for Blast Motion, and how we correct and assess athletes using Blast Motion

  • Baserunning

    Baserunning Guidelines and rules for nearly every situation

  • 1st & 3rd Defense

    1st & 3rd Defensive Plays and Guidelines for those plays.

  • Hitting Rapsodo

    This slideshow is the process I have used to help onboard the coaches coming into our program, as well as information we use to help guide some of the training protocols we use with our players.

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